About Polymer-X

What we do

Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing

Polymer-X is a spinoff company from University of Maryland and Princeton University.  Led by a group of materials scientists and chemical engineers, we are dedicated to developing innovative electrothermal methods for sustainable chemical manufacturing.  Our technology enables waste plastic to be upcycled into jet fuel and eDiesel. This is accomplished with a fully electrified pyrolysis reactor that has industry leading selectivity and yields.  The reactor is orders of magnitude more energy efficient than incumbent pyrolysis and is catalyst free.  The technology platform has additional applications for upcycling a range of macromolecules and biomass as well.

Our Company

Polymer-X Inc.

At Polymer-X Inc., we are dedicated to sustainability. Our team of experts is committed to developing cutting-edge technology, advanced materials and novel processes that can make a positive impact on green chemical manufacturing. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver effective strategies towards industrial decarbonization and waste upcycling.

Our Team

Sustainable Chemistry Revolution

Santanu (Sean) Debnath

CEO, Co-Founder

Sean is a trained Chemical Engr, with over 25 years of industry experience. After starting his career as a hands-on scientist, he gradually transitioned to new product development, full PLCM, running the sales/marketing teams to leading the full organization. He has held VP and CXO level roles at Rexnord, Viega, Intellihot and Wunder. Sean has been focusing on green technologies and sustainability initiatives and is a strong believer in communication and motivation to run a successful organization.

Timothy Krebs


Tim is an experienced CFO and leader for companies in the energy and industrials sectors. He has participated in +50 mergers, acquisitions, and capital markets transactions. His CFO experience includes Starfire Energy (ammonia), Versogen (hydrogen), and E-Mission Control (carbon credits). Tim holds an MBA, has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Shaun Ensor

Head of Eng, (Acting CTO)

Shaun is a highly experienced operations and engineering leader with a strong track record of driving growth and implementing innovative solutions during his tenure at Bayer, Pfizer, Vanderbilt Chemicals, and Nye Lubricants. He holds an MS and PhD in Chemical engineering from NYU with a post doc from MIT. Product development, commercialization and launch and Product quality are his areas of focus.

Qi (Tony) Dong


Dr. Dong received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Boston College. He then conducted his postdoctoral training at University of Maryland and worked as a visiting scholar at Princeton. Tony’s expertise is in the area of electrified chemical reactions. His research findings have been featured in many prestigious peer-reviewed journals such Nature, Science, Joule, Chem, JACS, etc. Tony is currently an Assistant Professor at Purdue University.

Liangbing Hu


Dr. Hu did his Ph.D. at UCLA, focusing on carbon nanotube nanotechnologiess. He later joined Unidym, Inc. as a co-founding scientist, leading the development of roll-to-roll printed carbon nanotube films and device integrations. Currently, he is a Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland, College Park. His research group focuses on materials innovations, device integrations, and manufacturing in general, with ongoing research on wood nanotechnologies, 3000 K extreme materials, and beyond Li-ion batteries.

Yiguang Ju


Yiguang Ju is the Robert Porter Patterson Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University. He is jointly appointed as a Managing Principal Research Physicist at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) and serves as the Director of DOE Energy Earthshot Research Center (EERC) for Hydrogen Shot. He received his bachelor degree from Tsinghua University and his PhD degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Tohoku University. Ju’s research interests include combustion, alternative fuels, propulsion, plasma chemistry, and energy materials for low carbon energy conversion and manufacturing.

Med Colket

Polymer-X Advisor

Med Colket is an internationally recognized expert in the field of chemical kinetics and combustion of hydrocarbon-based fuels, with specialties in pollutant formation and fuels. He has over 45 peer-reviewed publications, many of which are frequently cited references in the area of probe sampling, hydrocarbon radicals, measurement of formaldehyde, measurement of nitric oxide in combusting systems, fuel processing, production of aromatic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and modeling of soot formation in flames. He holds fifteen patents primarily for innovative ideas in endothermic fuel processing and low NOx combustion concepts.

Dr. Toshiro Fujimori

Technology Advisor

Dr. Toshiro Fujimori has been working for R&Ds of combustion technologies for gas turbine and coal-fired boiler power generation for over thirty years. Ammonia has been positioned as carbon fuel for Japan’s green growth strategy of 2050. He was a principal investigator of the Strategic Innovation Promotion Project (SIP), a Japanese national project, and his team developed ammonia combustion technologies of coal firing boilers and gas turbines. He currently supervises and advises IHI’s R&Ds and has been the President of the Combustion Society of Japan since 2021.

Strategy and Vision

Innovative electrification technologies

Our strategy is to leverage our innovative electrification technologies and the increasingly available renewable energy for chemical manufacturing. We convert plastic waste into value-added chemicals, which can help reduce the environmental impact of these materials while also creating new opportunities for business and industries.